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Arvind Kohli


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I was born in Mumbai, India. I lived there till about the age of 11, then moved to the U.A.E. for about five years and then onto Canada for thirteen. I currently live and work in the U.S. (Sr. Manager of Financial Analysis). By nature, I am given to the inspection of differences, details, economics and analysis of all things mundane.

My interest in listening to music began as far back as I can remember. Because I have no musical talent to perform or the skill to build audio equipment, my love of music can find no outlet other than to listen; often in solitude.

My musical taste varies considerably; currently with a heavy emphasis on jazz, blues, Indian and western classical, pop, classic rock and flamenco. Over the years I have gravitated to record labels that have mastered the mix of hi-resolution recording with aesthetically excellent music; including names such as WaterLily Acoustics, Telarc, Musicmaker.org, Mapleshade, et al.

My affliction with audio gear also started fairly early, but it never took an active manifestation. I have always admired folks who could put together their own components, and hope to one day build up enough courage to do more than make my own wires, stands and racks.

Where does that leave me now? Well, to paraphrase a common quote "Those who can, do. Those who cannot, write reviews". Jokes aside, reviewing gear has been a natural vent for my frustrated passions. And has taught me much, not only about sound and equipment but also about people, industry and value for money.

I have been writing reviews for over five years now, and am excited to join TNT-Audio. One of the thing about TNT-Audio that really appealed to me was is the fact that Lucio is so fervently committed to independance from manufacturers and writers are truly free from editorial interference.

Though I have learnt a lot about the art and science of reproducing sound, more importantly, I have realized how much indeed there is that I do not know. For me, writing reviews has proven to be a great way to expand my knowledge in this area.

I don't intend to provide entertaining prose or flex my skills at writing 'audio musings'. I consider writing reviews a serious duty to the reader, where in the end I aim to have painted a meaningful picture for you to know whether or not you would want to audition that piece for yousef. All reviews are presented with at least one level-matched comparison; I wish for the wherewithal to do DBT's, alas it is currently out of the realm of what is practical.

I look forward to your feedback.

Written October, 2005

Copyright 2005 Arvind Kohli - www.tnt-audio.com

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