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Readers' Corner user's manual

DO and DON'Ts

Here are some rules you may need to be aware of BEFORE sending a message to this TNT-Audio Readers' Corner.
  1. DO NOT send images or attachments. Plain text E-mail messages will work just fine
  2. DO NOT ask questions like "I own the XXX amp, which CD player should I buy?". For this kind of strictly "personal" questions we have a lively and active Forum with hundreds of audiophiles ready to help you.
  3. DO NOT ask questions about CD-R, multimedia, Home Theater, PC-Audio, car stereo, MP3, home recording/mastering.
  4. DO NOT ask questions which have been already answered. Always review the previous letters before sending a question.
  5. DO NOT ask for English translations of articles you may have found into the Italian section. We translate everything we can, please remember this is a spare-time managed and unpaid activity.
  6. DO NOT send more than 1 E-mail per week

  1. DO send your comments about the mag, the articles and reviews we publish. We encourage comments from Manufacturers or colleagues of the Audio press.
  2. DO send your experiences with our tweaks, advices and tips. We need your feedback.
  3. DO send your experiences with our DIY projects. Share your experience with other readers (though our Forum is more appropriate).
  4. DO leave flames at home. This mag is FREE for you and we don't have a single line of advertising. TNT-Audio doesn't produce ANY kind of income, your satisfaction is our only reward.

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