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HI-FI SHOW '99 - Zagabria - Croatia

[Italian version]

Ever planned a trip to Croatia? If so, please remember that starting from the 29th of October (till 31st) one of the most important HiFi Shows of the whole Eastern Europe will take place in Zagabria (Croatia). The fifth edition of the Show will take place at the Hotel Esplanade (next to the railway station) and, as usual, it will be organized by the Croatian mag Hi-Fi magazine (www.hifi-mag.com - E-mail: foton-hifi@zg.tel.hr).

So I kindly invite all the HiFi enthusiasts to come and pay a visit to the Show, a pretty interesting and entertaining event where two full stages of the Hotel will be filled with HiFi and Audio/Video goodies while a car-stereo expo is scheduled to take place on the terrace of the Hotel.
The Show opens at 10 a.m. and the entrance is free
The Hotel Esplanade has offered its rooms for the Show as it happened for the previous editions and this year it seems the number of rooms and expositors has increased.
The rooms aren't particularly large so forget the possibility to make some critical listening test. Plus, consider the place is quite noisy (people here and there, Audio/Video systems making pretty nasty noises every now and then :-) )....
The HiFi Show is a nice way to learn about some new product and technology, listen to good tunes (hopefully!) and, why not, to meet fellow audiophiles...
TNT-Audio will be there so a reportage will be published after the Show.

For more infos browse the web site of the mag www.hifi-mag.com

From our resident correspondent Daniel Legin © Copyright 1999 - http://www.tnt-audio.com

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