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Milano Hi-End 2000 - 2003 Ed. - Milan - Italy

[Italian version]

If your heart beats LOUD for 2-channel HiFi systems you can't miss the one and only solely-Audio (not Video nor HT!) HiFi Show in Italy! The Milano Hi-End organizers are proud to announce the 4th edition of this HiFi-Only Show.

Everything will happen - as usual - near Milan (Assago - Milanofiori, Strada 1 - Milanofiori, tangenziale Ovest, exit: Milanofiori) the 22nd and the 23rd of February 2003 at the Centro Congressi Milanofiori - Jolly Hotel. Opening hours: from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, free entrance, Vintage HiFi expo and 18 listening rooms. Here's a list of brands which will be demo'ed at the Show:

The Sound Of The Valve, Lowther - Relco Audio, Vincent & T.A.C. - Quad, Braun LE1, Corfac2, Amphion, Brinkmann - Kiom - Emgi Audio - Crea Audio Elite: Aloia, Trinaudio - Ultrasound - Bowler, Marel, Morsiani - Audio Coils - Studio Progettazione Audio, Imago Electroacustic C. - Audio Vision - Sotis Audio - Armonia Hi-Fi - Montagna elettroacustica - North Star, Extreme Audio, Sigma Acoustic - Stargate, Pigreco - Absoluta - Burmester, Kondo Lab, Brinkmann, Music Tools, Red Rose Music - Nadir.

Furthermore, there will be both "static" and "dynamic" demos from: