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Top Audio 2000 - Praha - Czech Republic

[Italian version]

The sixth year of the TOP AUDIO Prague exhibition will take place this fall, from 2. - 4. November 2000. The exhibition will again be held in the pleasant rooms and saloons of the luxury Hotel CORINTHIA-PANORAMA. The Czech section of the firm Audio Engineering Society will again guarantee the professional nature of the exhibition.

The components on exhibition will represent the highest level of audio techniques in the high end category and they will be on display for visitors in acoustically separate spaces of individual hotel rooms and salons; explanations will be provided by specialists representing the various firms at the exhibition.

Great attention will be given to the selection of firms to take part in the exhibition and the individual components to be displayed; only firms which have made a serious contribution to the field of true sound will be invited by the organizers of the exhibition.
The specialist symposium AES, as well as a rich and diverse programme, will be an important part of the exhibition. At the close of the exhibition, the most interesting exhibition will be determined on the basis of the opinion of visitors to the show, and the firm will be ceremoniously presented with the award.
Once again this year the prize is the Golden Tuning Fork TOP AUDIO Prague 2000, designed by the sculptor Jan Komarek.

For more infos: TOP AUDIO Praha 2000 Belgická 4, 120 00 Praha 2, Czech Republic Tel.: 0602 308 880, http://www.topaudio.cz - E-mail:topaudio@topaudio.cz

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