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Ouverture CD treatment

Cosmetics for CDs

[Italian version]

Product: Ouverture CD
Producer: A.I.P. Progetti Audio Innovativi - Italy
Approx. price: Euro 10,00 (15ml) - 16,00 (30ml)
Reviewed by: Stefano Monteferri - TNT Italy
Review published: December, 2002

[Ouverture CD / DVD]
Ouverture CD/DVD fluids

The product

This is not the first time we have reviewed commercial CD treatment products. These products aim to keep our records' surfaces clean, and improve listening quality - due not only to the cleaning job, but also (and above all) to the treatment their ingredients perform on the CDs' surface, by filling in the little cracks in the polycarbonate caused by either the production process or by abuse (that is, little superficial scratches).

The purpose of all this is to allow the laser to read the information contained in the records as accurately as possible, thus minimising the need for action by the player's "error correction" circuit (we'd better call it "error treatment" circuit...).
A further effect is the elimination of electrostatic charges, which enhances dust rejection.

Enter Ouverture products. One of their distinctive characteristics is that they are made using exclusively natural ingredients. Tiziano Azzolini, A.I.P.'s boss, is an expert in the use of natural products in the field of cosmetics. The very Italianate production and selling structure of the Ouverture project is established in Savignano S/P, near Modena. Based upon his professional experience and knowledge, he was able to produce a line of products specifically intended for CD care (but also for DVD care and for electric contact cleaning), whose application promise a noticeable improvement of reproduced sound. All made of vegetal active elements.

Application and listening

I was sent for test Ouverture for treating either CD and DVD, plus the product specifically designed to remove oxidation from connectors. TNT Audio is an audio magazine, so I concentrated exclusively on the listening test of the CD version.

Applying Ouverture CD is really simple: aply four drops on the CD's reading surface and spread it carefully using the accompanying cloth until it is completely absorbed. Repeat it once, and that's all! For a complete and long-lasting application, repeat it once more on both sides of the CD after about 15 minutes. The maintenance application is similar to the standard one, you only skip the second pass.

The listening results are pretty evident. The bass range is deeper and more intelligible, becoming decidedly more controlled, easy and articulated. Mid- and high-ranges present better clarity, definition and general cleanness. Virtual image reconstruction improves, with more focus and stability.
Hence, the enhancement of air, with a wider, more transparent and perceptible soundstage.

In conclusion, a decidedly good result, completely confirming the producer's promises: after the "cosmetic" treatment, your CDs will produce a qualitatively better sound, and those audiophiles with a more educated nose will notice that it will also spread a pleasant perfume of aromatic vegetal essences...

Let me end by adding a couple of words about the product for electrical contact cleaning. I didn't conduct listening tests with it, but it has an evident cleaning and anti-oxidation effect: connectors, spades and the like shine again as if they were brand new, with real benefits for an optimal electric contact between different parts.

So, big kudos to Tiziano. And not only for the results achieved, but also for the way he achieved them: exclusively using the resources Mother Nature makes available!

© Copyright 2002 Stefano Monteferri - https://www.tnt-audio.com

Translation by Carlo Iaccarino - Supervisor: Peter Janssen

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