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Soundcare SuperSpikes

The Spike without the Sting

[Italian version]

Product: Soundcare Superspikes
Manufacturer: Soundcare As. - Norway
Aprox. price: ask your dealer
Reviewer: Lucio Cadeddu

Soundcare Superspikes

Spikes? Oh no, not again! One of the most controversial "tweak" of the entire HiFi history which has produced endless debates among the audiophile crowd: SPIKES!!!! One thing is for sure: spikes, when properly used, can make a vastly audible difference. When misused, as any other "tweak" they can destroy the equilibrium of any HiFi system.
Having said that, spikes do have a SERIOUS shortcoming: they STING!!!! Yes, they can virtually scratch and damage any surface where you use 'em. A partial solution is to use a sort of coin with a small hollow where to insert the spike. As a result tables and floors are saved from any scratch. BUT!!!! Moving heavy 'speakers or HiFi components equipped with spikes and "coins" is a pretty hard and annoying task, the "pair" hardly remains where it should be so you need placing the spikes once again. Not good :-|

So, from Soundcare of Norway, here it comes THE solution: the Superspikes!!! Yes, spikes with a built-in system that prevents the spike from scratching the surfaces. The worldwide patented system consists of an almost standard spike linked to a "feet" (under-spike, coin...), all packaged together into an elegant feet. A look at the pictures will unveil their secrets.
But the Superspikes aren't just standard spikes: they make use of different material choosen exactly to match the designer's needs: the spike itself is made of so-called first-class hardened steel (2). Above this a zinc casing (3) especially designed to reduce spikes's resonancies (kudos!).
The feet (4) are made out of zinc while the hollow (5) where the spike inserts is made out of mild steel. The outer casing (1) is made out of plain ABS.
As you can see, every little detail has been designed with performance in mind.

They are available in several models: 4 threaded versions and a self-adhesive one, gold-plated, ABS-covered, small, large, any size you may ever dream of.
Well finished, cool looking and honestly priced, the Superspikes come with everything you need to install them. The High-End version (gold-plated) comes into an elegant wood & black velvet package (cool gift).
Any package includes a precise step-to-step user's manual (in English).
For any further technical detail please refer to the complete Superspikes site.
The Superspikes are also sold by ElectroCompaniet under the model name ECS.

The Spikes without the Sting


The Superspikes are very easy to use and fit almost everything HiFi made on Earth: amplifiers, CD-players, preamps and loudspeakers and they COMPLETELY and DEFINITELY solve any problem you may have encountered using spikes. No more damaged tables, scratched floors and angry wives or mums.
Plus, their effect on sound quality is exactly as one would expect it: precise imaging, improved low frequency control with large floorstanding loudspeakers, clear and less distorted mid-high range in preamps and CD players.
Thanks to their hi-precision design and manufacturing their effect easily improves that of ANY other standard spike.
I've successfully used them even under integrated amps, with a clear and audible improvement, especially in the mid-high range: cleaner and better focused, indeed.
Under heavy floorstanders (the threaded version is a blast here!) both the 3D image and the low-frequencies control benefit from the use of the Superspikes.
As any other spike I wouldn't recommend using them as THE solution for ANY problem. Several HiFi components seem to not like to be "spiked" as sometimes the bass range becomes too dry and the high range way too analytical and "cold". In those cases a soft foot is recommended instead.
But, in any other case where the use of spikes is beneficial, the Superspikes are the best solution I've ever tested.


While the construction is flawless while I'm not entirely conquered by the looks. Yes, it is a matter of personal taste, but common spikes look cooler :-)
The ABS-cased feet are excessively over-built, too much plastic around a small spike, though you can decide to use it or not.


No matter how hard I tried to criticize these spikes, I can't help but say these are, in my humble opinion, the best spikes around, bar none. They completely solve the classical problems you may have experienced with common spikes and work flawlessly. What else can I say?

A warm thank you to the guys at Soundcare for having sent us these clever spikes to test.

© Copyright 2000 Lucio Cadeddu - https://www.tnt-audio.com

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