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Quad "The Closest Approach" - book by Ken Kessler

Quad-o-philes must-have

[Italian version]

Product: "Quad, The closest approach" - book
Author: Ken Kessler - UK
Book details: ISBN 0-954-57420-6 - Publ. 2003 by International Audio Group Ltd.
IAG House, Sovereign Court, Ermine Business Park, Huntingdon, Cambridge, PE 29 6XU, England
Approx price: 50 UKP - 70 Euro
Reviewer: Lucio Cadeddu - TNT Italy
Reviewed: April, 2004

[Quad The Closest Approach by K. Kessler]

There's no need to introduce Ken Kessler to the audiophile crowd. His fame as fine audio reviewer is almost legendary. And, sure, there's no need to introduce Quad Electronics to anyone. Every audiophile worth his weight in vacuum tubes and electrostatics should already know _almost_ everything about this legendary HiFi firm.

This book is a meeting between these two legends, KK and Quad. Or, better, it is a love declaration. Also, if you prefer, it is the official, authorized, omni-comprehensive Quad history book.
In more than 200 pages, filled up with rare and cool pics from the early days of Quad (Acoustical), Ken Kessler - with his well-known sparkly and intriguing writing style - reveals everything about Quad products, even details on unreleased models!
Just think of something weird/curious you'd love to know about Quad...you'll find it here! Quad collectors will find also a necessary "Model by model" table, where to locate every useful info about any Quad product (including production years and even "quantity sold").
Plus, one can find a collection of beautiful original Quad ads of the early days and insightful interviews with Peter Walker (The Man), Ross Walker, Mike Albinson and Stan Curtis, reprints of technical papers by PJW, product schemes and everything a collector may dream of.

This book is one of the most complete and entertaining "biographies" I've ever come across, a real must-have for any audiophile who has even a slight interest in Quad gear.
If you're going to explore the Quad world, this is the road map you need, bar none.

My personal copy, bought directly from KK's hands at the last Rome Hi End Show, includes a "Viva 2 canali!" (i.e. Long Live Real Stereo") declaration written by KK himself! Actually, he has been one of the first audio authorities to have joined our campaign for supporting Real Stereo.

Copyright © 2004 Lucio Cadeddu - www.tnt-audio.com

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