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TNT Primaluce

Three-way floorstanding de-coupled cabinet loudspeaker

General instructions, crossover network and construction plans

[Italian version]

Product: Three-way floorstanding de-coupled cabinet loudspeaker
Producer: not for sale, TNT-Audio DIY design
Adopted drivers: Hertz HS 200 (woofer), HV 1600 (mid-range), HT 250 (tweeter)
approx.cost: 800 Euros
Author: Giuliano Nicoletti
Date of design publication: September 2002

The following construction plans should clarify all obscure aspects about the TNT PrimaLuce's complex structure.
Before you get deeply into the construction, some warning:

  1. TNT PrimaLuce project is only the one that you can read here on these very pages. Personal modifications to the original project are not suggested, neither supported. Thus, we canNOT give any support for imaginary variations of the original project.

  2. Before starting the construction you'd better have an ACCURATE look at the construction plans and be aware of the difficulties inherent to this project. This is not a loudspeaker for diying and wood working beginners.

  3. For any clarification about the project, please feel free to directly contact its Author. Our availability to give help and support is the highest, but please don't forget that all this is depending on authors' out-of-work time.

  4. We didn't schedule a listening test for this loudspeaker, being it a project of ours. It would be much more interesting to publish the impression of all of you who should decide to realize it: those listening impressions could be published in one of this site's pages, even with one or two picture completing them.
Below you'll find 6 .pdf files, 1 .zip archive containing these and another .zip archive containing the same files in JPG format (lower resolution, heavier to download, only if you don't have Acrobat Reader).

© Copyright 2002 Giuliano Nicoletti - https://www.tnt-audio.com

HTML editing by Paolo Saggese - Translation by Carlo Iaccarino

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