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Some advice on the TNT - TTS mains cable

The Twisted Snake

[Italian version]

Many readers, willing to build their own TNT- TTS mains cable, have sent several e-mails asking where one can find the Pirelli Screenflex S2 double-shielded mains cable I suggested to use for building a TTS.

Recently I've had some trouble finding that cable too, so I've decided to use something very similar: the Baldassari cable. This mains cable has, alas, a single shield only though its construction is very, very close to the Pirelli Screenflex.
As a plus, this cable is much more flexible so the building process of our Twisted Snake is much easier.
If you can't find this cable you can of course search for something similar...it is not the cable itself the key for performance (provided it is shielded) but the braiding and twisting technique.

Hence, even using the Baldassari cable as a basis, the TNT TTS has achieved a very high level of performance, showing some minor difference when compared to the Pirelli one. It is somehow brighter and better focused. The mid-bass range appears to be lighter instead.
So, with some electronics I prefer the Pirelli-based TTS, though with some other (dark tube amplifiers, for example) I'd choose the Baldassari one.

Anyway, provided the mains cable you use is shielded, with a reasonable 1,5 mm2 cross-section and reminded to build the Twisted Snake with care, as suggested, the results will automatically follow. Remember: it is not the cable itself to be relevant but the shielding and braiding/twisting technique.
Happy DIYing!

© Copyright 1999 Stefano Monteferri

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