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April 2012 editorial

Dynamic Range Day! March 16th, 2012

Writer: Lucio Cadeddu - TNT Italy

[Turn me up!]
Turn me up!!!

Three years ago I wrote an article on the mission of the Turn me up! organization and, later, I published several articles related to the loudness war, its negative effects on sound quality and the activities of the Pleasurize Music Foundation. This is another international organization (I'm a member of their Board of directors) that tries to spread the word about the dangers of compressing (i.e. destroying) real music dynamics. The Pleasurize Music Foundation has also released various dynamic range measuring tools, software and plug-ins. We regularly use these when reviewing music albums for TNT-Audio.

During these last years many other articles related to the loudness war problem have been published, even on generic newspapers and magazines. Quite surprisingly, it seems even non-audiophiles are becoming aware of the importance of preserving real music dynamics on a recording. We strongly need to continue spreading the word.

[Dynamic Range Day!]
Dynamic Range Day!

Now, what can everyone do to make the World aware of the loudness war dangers? Introducing you the Dynamic Range Day 2012 on March 16th, an international online event (and contest) organized by mastering engineer Ian Shepherd, a long-standing opponent of the Loudness War, founder of Production Advice, owner of Mastering Media Ltd, a company which specializes in High Definition audio services. dRD (i.e. Dynamic Range Day) is also supported by Allan Wagner from TurnMeUp.org, and by many other sponsors.

Now, what is it all about? Well, first of all it's a way to spread the word, using blogs, websites, social networks etc. Make everyone know there's a day of the year entirely devoted to the loudness war! Publishing and promoting the event on your blog or on your social forum might help other people become aware of the problem!

CONTEST. There's also a contest with many interesting prizes. You just have to read the basic facts on loudness war, answer to three simple questions and hope to be selected as one of the winners! Visit the dRD website for the list of prizes.

CHALLENGE. Then there's also a challenge for musicians and music producers: commit to keeping at least 8dB dynamic range (DR8) in your next recording, mix and master. DR8 is an easy goal, consider many good recordings score way above DR10! For example, last week I reviewed Jason Vitelli's "Confluence", a purely Real Stereo recording (no compression, no mix, no overdubs, just two mics picking up the sound of the band) which scored DR13!!!

AWARD. Finally, there's also an award for the best-sounding dynamic mix of the last year.

If we really love Music we should fight to keep it preserved as it was intended by the artist who composed it...and there's no music without real dynamics!

Turn it up, bring the noise! :-)

© Copyright 2012 Lucio Cadeddu - www.tnt-audio.com

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