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TNT-Audio Editor's corner - January 2000

It is a tough job but someone has to do it :-)

Author: Lucio Cadeddu

What's crazier than publishing a non-profit no-ads HiFi magazine on the Web?
Easy: publishing two such mags!
Yes, as you already know, TNT-Audio is available also in Italian, since this is how it started from the very beginning. You may also know the Italian version is way larger, with more articles, tests and tweaks. And yes, I'd love to have the English section rich as the Italian counterpart but here comes the main problem: TRANSLATIONS.
Probably you don't know that every Italian article is translated into English (a tough job) by a single guy: ME. Yes, dudes & dudettes, I'm the only one to translate everything into English. No professional translators, no paid secretaries, no computerized softwares, nothing at all.
Just recently Giorgio Pozzoli, one of our Italian correspondents, has started translating his own articles...but the rest of the HUGE work is left to me. And since English isn't my mother tongue (I know you can easily guess that by yourself :-)) translating an article takes at least two hours (and I'm a pretty fast guy). So I beg your pardon if not everything published on TNT-Audio, the Italian part, will be translated into English, at least unless I can find someone kind enough to help me with translations, for free, of course. An Italian audiophile who lives in the USA, in UK or in Australia would be just fine, for example.

The funniest (???) part of the story is that, even if publishing two mags, we are still able to be one of the most popular and respected HiFi publications on the Net. I'd like to see our "competitors" publishing a double-language version of their mags :-)
OK, enough self-promoting ego here. Just let me tell that actually there's a THIRD magazine under the TNT umbrella: it is Music on TNT and, as you can easily guess, it is devoted to Music reviews.
This mag is available just in Italian and I'm afraid it won't ever be available in English. I can't spend all my spare time translating articles, ya know, I prefer to listen to my fave Music instead.
Anyway, TNT-Audio has recently opened a small Music section which, by now, contains just a list of records we reviewers use for testing HiFi components. In the near future, this section will contain reviews of CD's and LP's too, mainly of the "audiophile" kind.

Finally, I'm going to open a section devoted to your (positive or negative :-) ) feedback: letters, comments, opinions etc. I already receive tons of letters from you, and I think some of these deserve publication.

So the bottom line is: it's a tough job but someone has to do it! I always complained about too much advertising on HiFi magazines...for this reason I've created TNT-Audio. Enjoy!

© Copyright 2000 Lucio Cadeddu

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