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June 2008 editorial

Audiophile Wikipedia!!!

Writer: Lucio Cadeddu - TNT Italy

[Audiophile Wiki!]
Audiophile Wiki!!!

Browsing the standard Wikipedia, it is possible you find something related to the audiophile world. For example, there's a page devoted to the very word Audiophile. Then you can find pages devoted to famous HiFi components that have earned worldwide popularity even outside the audiophile niche (Technics SL 1200, T-Amp etc.). A fully-audiophile dedicated Wikipedia was missing though.
Paul McGowan of PS Audio (we interviewed him back in 2000) was feeling exactly the same.
Hence, with the aid of his son Sean and a loyal PS Audo customer (Mark Bergen) he donated the audiophile community a website that is intended to be the first audiophile Wikipedia (read the whole story on the PS Audio newsletter, May 2008). You can reach it at audiophilewiki.org and works exactly like a standard Wiki site: you can create your own account and start submitting/editing texts. There are many categories and articles and everyone's contribution, in terms of texts, is strongly encouraged. When the website will reach a sort of "critical mass" of information it will easily become a reference for anyone browsing the Net in search for a particular technical topic, infos on a magazine, a reviewer, a product, a store...just anything which might be audiophile-related in some sense.
A small page about TNT-Audio is already there. The success of this clever idea depends on the audiophile community itself. Adding our own 0.02$ worth of audio knowledge would make the Audiophilewiki website richer and richer, hence better and better.
Just as any other Wiki even audiophilewiki.org appears to be completely no-profit and hosts no advertising. This is the only way "independent information" should be. Too many mags and websites claim to be truly independent while they continue to display ads, banners or sell something. One can argue that, since audiophilewiki has been created and is maintained by PS Audio (a Company) then it can't be 100% independent. That might be true in some sense and only time will tell. I believe that, since contributions are open to anyone, the content of this audiophilewiki will be mostly reliable and "democratic" (pls refer to the ancient Greek sense of this word!).
In any case, please read the Audiophilewiki Guidelines carefully before submitting a text. For example, there's a relevant paragraph about advertising that I'd like to quote here in full:

Please do not try to promote your product or business.

Many of the articles of interest will be about companies in the audio and video field and including a link to their commercial website is encouraged. However, the articles should always be factual, informative and lacking in advertising or marketing claims.

Another paragraph is devoted to "Things to avoid". I expect a lot of necessary "editing" work for the PS Audio guys who run this website. This small world of audio is full of weird characters and wannabes, not to mention designers who think to have re-invented the wheel. Every now and then we receive messages which such bold claims that it is hard to stop laughing. We reviewed several of such re-invented wheels, with embarassingly bad results. I expect these designers will try to find their place of honour into the audiophilewiki...so let's pay attention! ;-)

Finally, let me express my deepest gratitude to PS Audio for donating this useful "tool" to the audiophile community. I hope we - as a community - will work to make it what it deserves to become: a reference for our small world of audio enthusiasts!

[Audiophile Wiki!]

© Copyright 2008 Lucio Cadeddu - www.tnt-audio.com

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