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October 2017 editorial

TNT-Audio is moving!

Author: Lucio Cadeddu - TNT Italy

As already announced on our News page our website is moving, in search of a better, faster and more reliable service. And, possibly, at lower costs. As you may know our magazine is the one and only that doesn't display ads and doesn't accept donations nor subscriptions. During these last 20 years (!!!) the magazine has grown up, with thousands of articles, permanently available online, and in order to keep up with this continuous growth we need better web services. Our official Facebook pages have recently reached, in a couple of years of presence, more than 5,000 likes, not bad for a small, independent publication that doesn't spend a cent in self-promotion and advertising.

This growth of popularity implies that our website needs a new house. We have experienced several quite annoying issues during these last two years. For example, if you access our webpages and reviews when the links appear on our Facebook page you might have received a warning from your browser that states our pages as “not secure”. This is due to the fact that Facebook automatically redirects our links on their pages from http:// into https:// protocol. Since our website doesn't host any kind of e-commerce actvity nor does it store personal data from readers we felt there was no need to purchase an SSL certificate.
Quite surprisingly, our Internet provider registered our own SSL certificate under it own name, hence the warning from web browsers (the links pointed to a website that “apparently” wasn't the offical one, because of the wrong SSL certificate). In order to solve this issue we had to purchase a proprietary SSL certificate.

Secondly, on some occasions, the website went overquota, when we experienced a peak of popularity (for example when we published our review of the T-Amp) despite the fact our provider guaranteed “unlimited bandwidth”. Guess what? In order to get the extra quota we needed, it was necessary to pay some extra.

Thirdly, we started many years ago with a hosting package that was extremely competitive, possibly some of the best in the market. Slowly, yearly fees rose up to a level that is no longer sustainable. At the same time, customer care services of the hosting provider became almost impossible to reach as they refused to reply to our queries.

Finally, we have experienced caching problems, as newly uploaded pages didn't display immediately, sometimes the refresh of the cache took several hours.

Now, since we are faithful to our mission, that is “maximize quality/price ratio”, we decided it was time to move to a new hosting service, that offers free SSL certification and, apparently, REAL unlimited bandwidth. Customer care is also just one phone call (or e-mail) away. At the same time, this new hosting contract will allow us to save some money we'd rather spend in new HiFi gear and music (and good wine as well) :-)

Too good to be true? Maybe. We will know in the upcoming months, when the switch will become 100% effective. In the meanwhile, please be patient and keep your fingers (and cables) crossed.

Stay tuned and spread the word! And crank the volume up for this Motorhead song! (“Too good to be true” from their '92 album “March or die”)

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