October 2020 editorial

Audiophile Day!

[Audiophile Day]

Author: Lucio Cadeddu - TNT Italy
Published: October, 2020

Believe it or not, there are “international days” devoted to almost everything you can think of! Here's a list of events, at the official United Nations website. Of course, there you can find serious celebrations (for diseases, charity, democracy etc.), but also more light events such as the International Day of Happiness, the International Jazz Day, the World Bicycle Day, the International Asteroid Day (!!!) and many others.

The Audiophile Day was clearly missing. As we are a life threatened category, at serious risk of extinction, we need protection, especially from ourselves. Hence, here we go! We celebrate our senseless and elusive presence on Planet Earth on October 2 (yes, today is the day)! In my opinion, a far better choice would have been exactly one month later, on November 2, the Day of the Dead, but that's just a strictly personal opinion, though I suspect it is not hard to understand ;-)

As for celebrations, all we need to do is switching on our HiFi systems (we all own more than one system, right?) but there's no need to play music on them. Just enjoy the blinkering lights (from leds, VU meters or tubes), sense the heat from our amplifiers and listen to the background noise coming out from the loudspeakers. We all know music isn't strictly necessary.

Indeed, a good HiFi system isn't meant to play music! It is there to satisfy our needs, whatever they could be.

Ironic as it might appear, the Audiophile Day is exactly one day after the International Day of Older Persons and in the very same day of International Day of Non-Violence. A coincidence? Certainly not! Have you ever meet a young audiophile? Or a non-violent one? Go and visit HiFi Shows or stores and you will feel as you were at a WWII veterans reunion. Angry veterans. Just try to play anything different than the Dark Side of the Moon or Diana Krall's Live in Paris and you'll understand, at your own risk.

Anyway, here we are, armed and ready, and we try to have fun nevertheless, despite our systems are far from being perfect, as are our ears. While celebrating, let's try to be more self-ironic, it might help.

The Audiophile Day has its own official website for you to enjoy!

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