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TNT-Audio Editor's corner - September 2000

Our articles 'round the Globe

Author: Lucio Cadeddu

When all this started, five years ago, I wasn't aware of the fact TNT-Audio could have quickly become a reference HiFi magazine 'round the Globe. It was merely a Labour of Love, just motived by the will to share my little experience in HiFi with fellow enthusiasts.
Nowadays TNT-Audio is one of the most cited, linked and respected HiFi magazine in the World Wide Web. And no, I'm not claiming this because we have more than one million of hits per month (too easy :-)) but I'm referring to the fact that many Audio sites are translating and reprinting our articles and reviews in various languages from almost any corner of the World.
But, firstly, let me start with the English sites. Our pages are currently being linked by all the major Audio sites that collect articles and reviews from the HiFi press worldwide. Namely, I'm referring to Ecoustics, Stereo 411, AudioWeb, E-How...
Among these, the most efficient is undoubtedly Ecoustics (Everything HiFi Online). This site visits our magazine WEEKLY just to pick up the new articles and reviews and link them into its pages. It works so well that it seems like a spider, you know, the robot that indexes web sites for search engines listing.
Let me publicly thank the guys at Ecoustics for such an outstanding service to the HiFi community worldwide. Of course, this site has links to all the major HiFi mags in the Planet.
Then we have Stereo 411 that seems to select reviews from various HiFi magazines, and TNT-Audio is among these. They claim to have A consolidated list of professional equipment reviews from some of the best sites on the Internet. Thanks for including TNT-Audio among these!!!
Audioweb and E-How have both included links to our articles, mainly of the DIY kind.
Considering the rest of the "linked" magazines is mostly US- or Canada- based, we feel particularly pride to be the only one non-English mag to be listed.

Last but not least, into the July issue of Stereophile, Mr. Jonathan Scull spends some kind word of praise for our humble magazine and describes our renowned TNT FleXy DIY table, one of the most popular DIY designs on the whole World Wide Web.

All of the above relates to the English-speaking World. But there's more out there. So you may not be aware of the fact our articles are currently being translated into French and Spanish and...guess what? you can even read some of our articles in Singapore, coded with those fancy ideograms!!!
Take for example the new AudioVideo magazine by Marie-Eve de Vault, M Audio & Video. It is a brand new magazine nicely devoted to Audio and Video and available both in French and in Spanish. It not only contains its own extremely accurate equipment reviews, but it also hosts translations of articles appeared on the HiFi press worldwide, TNT-Audio included. Once again, let me express my warmest and heart-felt thanks to Marie-Eve and her staff for having considered our magazine as a source for HiFi reviews.
There wasn't much in French and Spanish available on the Web about Audio, now M Audio & Video will quickly become a reference site for non-English HiFi nuts. Keep up the good work Marie-Eve! And you, French and Spanish HiFi nuts, bookmark that site immediately!

Finally we have a Singapore Audio site: www.1388.com which has selected (and will continue to select) some of our articles and interviews, and published 'em both in English and in ideograms. The site contains very good HiFi information (the English part, the only one I can read :-)), tweaks, reviews and interesting insights on bizarre equipment.
Recently it seems they have discovered the Auric Illuminator to be a wonderful CD tweak (please refer to our review of the magic gel from Audience). We couldn't agree more :-)

So, as you see, in 5 years TNT-Audio has conquered a relevant position among the best HiFi magazines in the World and let me warmly thank all the webmasters/reviewers/audiophiles worlwide who have appreciated/still appreciate what we do here, our Labour of Love without any financial support by HiFi Companies or subscribers. We owe you so much.

Copyright 2000 Lucio Cadeddu - https://www.tnt-audio.com

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