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We've been planning to join the most famous popular social network for years as we consider it an extremely efficient way to reach potential readers and/or involve music lovers in high quality audio reproduction. Various unofficial TNT-Audio Facebook pages were already available, built by our fans worldwide, but an official FB profile was missing.

Let's put this straight: one discovers traditional "audio" websites by means of simple search engine queries, typically related to audio, HiFi and music. The communication channel used by social networks is quite different, as it relates to links shared by networks of friends: this even allows one to reach those who don't know the first thing about HiFi. People who never put and will never put the word "HiFi" on Google :-)
Within a social network like Facebook, it is sufficient that someone shares an article, a review, a report or a picture on their FB profile to reach hundreds of friends. This might initiate a chain reaction of shared interest that can be highly beneficial for our community.

Our hope, since day one, has always been to broaden the audience, because the HiFi niche is too small and too...old. We definitely need to bring young music lovers to HiFi, otherwise our small world is doomed to an end. Who cares that there are hardly any young music lovers to take over? This obscure HiFi niche definitely needs new...light! That's the key point and any HiFi magazine would be well served to move in this direction. We don't need new readers, we're already popular on the web, but we definitely need to attract the younger generation. And the youth communicate via social networks. Many young people don't even use e-mail anymore, they just communicate via the FB messaging system.

Many seasoned readers believe Facebook and the social networks in general are the root of all evil. Most of the times, they don't even know how these things work or how can one use social networks without sharing his personal infos with the rest of the world. Recently, we had this discussion on our Yahoo forum: many listmates were concerned about Facebook because of privacy issues and the like. Then one discovers they don't even know how to protect themselves by the usual risks of web browsing. Many of them don't use firewalls, antispyware, or emply effective anonymous networking (like that allowed by the Tor Project, for example).
Instead they believe that entering a social network will irrevocably damage their privacy and their life :-)
This was curious, as we had seen this same phenomenon during our early days on the Web, almost 20 years ago, when we started our first webpages about HiFi. Traditional HiFi addicts and paper magazines readers thought this was going to be a bad thing, potentially dangerous and harmful for our niche. Now some 20 years later, webzines have become the quickest way to learn about new trends in audio. Information technology isn't bad or good in itself...it all relies on how you use it. You can let it exploit you or you can exploit it, it's up to you to decide.

Now, what will you find on our official FB page? For now, we will just post links to our weekly updates. Nothing more than this! And nothing will change here, the magazine will be available as it has always been, week after week. Just consider the FB profile as another way to spread the word and to comment our reviews. In the future, our FB page might contain extras that can't find their way here on the traditional online magazine. Of course, we are also planning to build a TNT-Audio presence on Twitter and Google+.

So TNT will continue to evolve!

Finally, let me thank the man behind all of our social activities, our faithful reader and HiFi addict Giuseppe Bruschi, without him it would be hard to keep our FB page updated.

If you already have a Facebook account, just visit our FB page and add an I like! to it. Eventually, share our articles with your network of friends. This will lend a hand to our small HiFi world which definitely needs to conquer new addicts :-)

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