How to submit a product for review
Rules and guidelines on how to submit a product, a HiFi component or a disc to the TNT-Audio Review Team. Disclaimer and conditions of use.
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Our reviewing process is FREE OF CHARGE (read the fine print below). To find out how your company can submit a product for review, e-mail

For Chinese Companies only:

[Address For Chinese Companies contacts]

Note: The TNT-Audio Review Team must receive a sample of your product (on a 60-days loan) in order to complete a review. We DO NOT review prototypes or DIY designs. We won't work as beta-testers for anyone.

IMPORTANT: All postage, duty, and brokerage fees must be paid in full by the sender. Packages with outstanding fees will not be accepted by our fulfillment house and will be returned to the sender.
There is no charge to participate in this program. Receiving a product for reviewing purposes doesn't necessarily imply TNT-Audio will publish a review. Moreover, TNT-Audio retains the right to remove articles and reviews from the website, without prior communication or motivation. The Companies, when submitting a product to review, implicitly accept all of the above.

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