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Dear friends,
time has come to join our own Web forum. Yes, Virginia, we know it's plenty of these out there but ours is, as usual, pretty different from the rest.
It is NOT a forum on the Usenet, where everyone can post his ramblings, flames and silly questions. Actually it is a mailing list (that can also be viewed on the Web), so that we can detect the subscriber who violates the Netiquette and terminate him :-)
We are tired of useless high-flames content discussions on the various newsgroups devoted to audio and HiFi so we think it's time for a radical change of mentality.
We all do need a very high signal/noise ratio, don't we? :-)

Do you want to discuss about HiFi (and HiFi only, no Home Theater, no car audio, no multimedia, no buy/sell etc.) in a civil way, into a relaxing environment, crowded with friendly audiophiles and experts? Here comes the TNT-Audio Forum: open to everyone but CLOSED to flames and ADVERTISING.
A -digest version will be available too as well as a "no E-mail" option (web only), for those who don't want to receive too many messages a day.
Is this free? Of course, like everything else on TNT-Audio!

OK, what do I do now?

Subscribing is E-A-S-Y. Either fill in the form above with your e-mail address (a confirmation request will be sent to you) or just go to, fill in the online form and subscribe to the list (tnt-audioaddicts).

You can even do everything simply by e-mail. Here's how:

All the messages for the list should be sent to

This is all. Just subscribe and try to keep the signal/noise ratio as high as possible. Please remember that you should follow these golden rules:

  1. Do not send messages about Car-stereo, multimedia, home automation or Home Theater
  2. Do not send buy/sell messages
  3. Do not send adverts of any kind
  4. Avoid flames
  5. Avoid spam
  6. Share your Love for Music and HiFi with your listmates

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