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Giorgio Pozzoli

[Italian version]

I was born in 1958 in Milan.
I graduated as Electronic Engineer at the Politecnico in Milan with a thesis which was a mix of software and hardware problems.

I've worked as a hardware engineer (both analog and digital) and also as firmware designer, for a short period after the University, in a telecommunication Company.
Since the work was nothing more than the (obvious) modification of old circuits I was quite disappointed and depressed so I decided to change my mind and devote my work to software engineering only.
Now I design ERP software systems for large enterprises and sometimes I act as a global consultant for business re-organization processes (BRP).

I've been an HiFi addict for more than 20 years and I started because very fond of Classical Music and electronics.
When I was still a student at the University I designed various original HiFi components (equalizers, azimuth and bias testers for cassette decks), taking some ideas from scientific articles and books.

Some years ago I decided to change my old HiFi system and take a look at the DIY market.
I was lucky enough to listen to a cheap tubes system and I fell in love with it. This is how my Passion for Tubes began. Now I'm the responsible for the tubes section of this magazine (Termoionica Applicata)

I believe that for the DIY addict the tubes are a must: one can obtain reasonably good result even with simple designs and circuits, mainly if you accept low powered amplifiers as a necessity.
To get similar results with a solid state component you need to spend much more, let aside the complexity of the design itself, though we must admit that there are more and more good sounding solid state components.

My two systems are:

Plus several tweaks here and there.
The real problem is the turntable: it is old and cheap but I don't have enough LPs to justify a better player.

As secondary hobby I used to build some wood boats but then I was forced to quit because of some problems with my eyes :-)

© Copyright 1998 Giorgio Pozzoli

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