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I learned to love music from my father who was a semi audiophile. He had a huge classical record collection along with a couple dozen Dixieland jazz LPs. He had a giant Akai receiver and a Toshiba turntable, and with my Radio Shack headphones I spent thousands of hours listening to my ever-expanding record collection. Then off to college, summer jobs, and hoping my degree in Philosophy would be able to make me a living.

While in Grad school I received some unexpected income that allowed me to purchase an entry level Counterpoint preamp and amp, Duntech monitor loudspeakers, and a Denon CD player. This is where my audiophile hobby/disease started. How I got from there to my current system seems like a kind of madness, a pursuit of beauty and a resonance with my soul.

Music is always on in my house. While writing my PhD dissertation I was lucky enough to make connections with local audio distributors who lent me all kinds of gear to play with and develop my audio tastes. Over time I became a total tube guy: tubes in my DAC, tube preamp, and amps.

My musical taste is all over the place, but jazz, and classic progressive rock are my primary loves. 40 years later I have developed my love for high end audio and carefully put my audio system together.

My analogue system

My digital system


Speakers, cables and power condtitioner

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