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Thorsten Loesch

[Italian version]

I was born a long time ago (okay not that long ago) in a country far, far away (all the way behind the BIG WALL).

In daily life I assume the disguise of a mild-mannered Accountant working for the National Health Service here in England.

But on weekends and after dark I change. You've got to know, I am an addict. An Analogue Addict. If you are interested, read the whole sad story.

I buy records. I even listen to records.

Plenty of old Jazz, Blues, 70's and 80's Rock, Soul, Funk, Rap. New Romantic. Classic from Bach to Holst over Haendel to Wagner. I'm lost in Music.

I admit to owning a CD-Player and a few CD's but most of my listening is analogue.

The system I listen to has to have a few basic qualities. Due to my involvement in pro-audio and recording a while back, I cannot accept compromised dynamic range or transparency. In addition, the sound-staging capabilities of my current system are very good, but that is the icing on the cake.

Well, shown below is a quick "snapshot" of the system in it's current (temporary) home. You see the left Speaker and the Rack.

[My Stereo system]

This week (Yup, it sometimes changes that often :-0) my system is made up from:

Have a look at the back of the System to see some of the Cables or have a read in Topics and Tweakings to see how I made them.

[Click for full size]

Various "tweaks" include the use of Bicycle inner Tubes (14" for Childrens Bicycles seem to work best) under Glass-plates to make "Seismic Sink" type Supports (there is one below the Preamp and one below the CD-Player) and Anti-RFI Ferrite Sleves (from Radishack/Tandy - 5 UK Pound the Pair) on all Mains-Cables and Interconnects.

What did you say? I had it bad? Betcha!

© Copyright 1998 Thorsten Loesch

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