Who pays 4 this?
Why and how can TNT-Audio avoid ads, banners and readers' subscriptions.
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You might wonder how all this can be possible without subscriptions, advertising, banners, readers' support and the like.
The answer is simple: our Editor (that is, me) is so kind to pay for everything: web space, Internet connectivity and everything else.

When I decided to create a whole new concept of on-line magazine it was clear that to be really different from the rest, TNT-audio needed to be entirely independent: independent from readers' subscriptions, advertising, Companies' support and stuff.
So someone had to pay. And since at the time I was running this all alone I decided to pay for everything from my own income.
Obviously enough, I have a well-paid job so that I don't mind spending some extra bucks to rent the domain tnt-audio.com and pay for a standard Net connection.
I'm not rich: web space is cheap nowadays.
Consider saving some money from hifi mags subscriptions and fancy hi-end cables and you'll raise enough money to cover every expense.

Since there's no advertising and no subscriptions there are no profits of any kind.
The reviewers who write on TNT are not paid for this, they do everything just for fun.
Our readers' satisfaction is our only reward.
I'm not crazy: I love this hobby and I like to communicate ideas. That's all. Simple and crystal clear.
If you like this idea, feel free to contact us (send a proposal to editor@tnt-audio.com) anytime as we'd like to have (serious) correspondents from every Country in the World.

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