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Why HiFi Interviews on TNT

The Internet is a very powerful media: you just need to learn how to exploit it.
Being on the Internet when Netscape 1.0 wasn't still available I think I've learned to use this media as a fast, easy, cheap and effective way to communicate ideas to a wide community.
Listening to a HiFi component is a thing, listening to the ideas of the man who designed it could help to improve the *understanding* of that product.
So I thought it could have been a nice idea to contact some famous HiFi designers in order to learn more about their ideas on HiFi Audio design and HiFi in general.
Also world renowned journalists and opinion leaders could help to shed some light on where the HiFi is going to and on the new trends or *old wives' tales* in this Music reproduction lovers' amazing world.

So, how can we do this?
The simpler, the better: just some questions (6-8) I will send you by e-mail. All you have to do is reply with your answers, always by e-mail. Simple, easy and effective.
No time-consuming dates, endless and slow web-chats or see-you-see-me meetings. There's no need to use fancy document encoding text editors: a simple plain e-mail message will get the job done as I'll do the rest: HTML-izing the document and translating it also in Italian just to keep it bilingual.

As already written elsewhere, TNT is a fully non-profit no-advertising enterprise and for this reason you should avoid considering the interview plain simple FREE advertising. Our readers won't appreciate any implicit or explicit free advertising attempt.
I (the Editor here) pay for the web space and Internet connectivity by my own income (I'm a Professor at the University) so, please do not try to use my time and money to do free advertising.
Just try to exploit this wonderful media instead: communicate your ideas to your customers, explain the why's and how's of your hifi components and designs and share your Love for Music with the HiFi community worldwide.
It works better than any *brochure-like* article.

So, if you like this idea, feel free to contact me anytime: I'll be glad to have your ideas published into this section.
Lucio Cadeddu - Editor

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All rights reserved worldwide. Any commercial, for-profit or non-profit distribution, publishing, reprinting or charge for use of the contents presented here without express written consent of the respective Authors and TNT-Audio is prohibited, and punishable by law.

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