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Catania Stereo Show 2003 - 1st edition - Acitrezza (Catania) - Italy

[Italian version]

[Catania Stereo Show 2003]

While it seems everyone is predicting the end of the HiFi world as we know it, with compressed digital audio and multichannel junk taking off almost everywhere, a bunch of "Defenders of the Faith" finds new energy to fight against this kind of "technical progress".
Indeed, during the last years, many new HiFi Shows have been organized here in Italy. Apart from the well known Top Audio in Milan and the Milano HiEnd in February, now we'll have a brand new Roma HiEnd Show (see press release) opening in November and, hear hear!, even a Stereo event down in the deep South of Italy!!!
Introducing you the new Catania Stereo Show, in Sicily: next weekend (October 25 - 26, 2003) the halls of the Marina Palace Hotel at Acitrezza (near Catania, on the seaside) will be exhibiting all of the latest HiFi paraphernalia from some of the bigger Italian HiFi distributors.
Here's a partial list of the exhibitors: Aifai (Etalon & Audiotube), Audiogamma (Bamp;W, Jeff Rowland etc), Audiodelta (Denon), Dromos, Hi-Fi Carucci, Rega, Klimo, MPI, Hi-Fidelity Italia, Audiomarkt, Suono, S.A.P., Ducale (records), Audio4 (KEF, Meridian etc.), Relco, Nuova Videosuono, V.y.g.e.r. (the beautiful Italian magnesium and aluminium turntables).
The guys at Aifai (Italian spelling for HiFi) are the organizers, together with the HiFi magazine Suono.

Our warmest and most sincere wishes go to the organizers who have showed Passion, will and courage to put together such an event in the South of Italy, where HiFi Shows have always been scarce.

For more infos on the event (logistics etc) please contact the organizers at AIFAI, their official website.

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