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HI-FI SHOW '98 - London - UK

It's coming to this time of the year again.

Each fall for the last fifteen years London has hosted the HiFi-Show. Traditionally referred to by name of the Hotel the Show was held in. It started a long time ago as "Penta-Show", later the Hotel became part of the Ramada Chain and the Show became the Ramada-Show. Now the Hotels name changed again, renamed to Renaissance Hotel.

I think I will dodgingly call it the Penta-Show, if only to distinguish it from all the other show's called Hi-Fi Show.

This Year the Penta-Show will take place from the 17th to the 20th September 1998. The first two Day's are trade only and so for most of our Readers the Doors are open on Saturday and Sunday. While one really does not need any special reason to spend a weekend in London, the Penta-Show certainly is another good reason to drop by.

And it is certainly a unique Show. A lot of that has to do with the History of HiFi in the UK itself. The Penta-Show was always connected with the worldwide respected and read HiFi-News Magazine.

Recently the growth in the Home Theater and AV Areas has made even the huge (ex.) Penta Hotel too small. Indeed the good old Penta-Show is now Europe's biggest HiFi Event.

So enter the Excelsior Hotel. Both Hotels are a good walk from each other. However a Bus Shuttle Service will operate on the show day's, both between the Hotels and from the Hatton Cross Tube Station on the Picadilly Line to the Hotels.

This is the European HiFi Event to see. As usual, all the Major UK-Based HiFi Makers will be there and showing their latest Products. This year I expect something special from Audio-Lab that are now owned by Tag-McLaren (yes from Formula One) and have great plans.

We are promised CD-RW (re-recordable CD) Recorders from Pioneer and finally European DVD. Pioneer also promises a 1" thick TV Screen and Sony has their latest AV Hardware jacked up. All Major HiFi & AV Companies from all around the World are well represented.

But that is not why I go there. What makes the Penta-Show so unique is the large showing of many small and independent HiFi Manufacturers from all over the UK and Europe. Last Year my joint best analogue Sound of the Show went to the DNM/RESON/Virtual Reality Systems Room and to one Company selling HiFi-Stands but demonstrating the Virtues of their wares by using the to support a System build around an Audio-Note Ongaku and Voyd Reference Turntable. Best Digital Sound went to Trilogy.

I enjoyed hanging out in all the rooms from these small Companies. Another treat this year will be the Introduction of a new revolutionary line of Loudspeakers from Wilson Benesch. Possibly one of the first showing for Europe will be for the Linn CD-12 Sondek CD-Player. Drop around and decide for yourself if it is really worth 12,000 UK Pound (~$ 20,000).

In addition there is a good chance that at least two (maybe more) of your TNT Correspondents will be roaming the grounds. I will certainly be there with an eye primarily for the latest in Analogue Replay and Thermoionic Valves. Our Belgian Correspondent Werner Ogiers will likely be around, with more of an Eye for the latest in Solid State....

After the Show closes around 6 pm, I might decide to organise a Pub-Evening for both Saturday and Sunday, with hopefully attendance from you our Readers. E-Mail me at Thorsten@tnt-audio.com if you would like to come and if you would like to see some programming besides Ale and good Music. Let's see what we can organise....

So here it's again in brief:

THE HI-FI SHOW '98 (Penta-Show)

Days open to the Public: 19th and 20th of September

Open from 10 am to 6 pm.

Entry is 4 UK Pound per Person (~ $7)

To get there:

Hatton Cross Station on the Picadilly Line (London Underground) with Bus Shuttle-Service from there to the Renaissance Hotel and the Excelsior Hotel.

See Ya there.

Big ThanX to Janet Belton (Linkhouse) and Stella Allan (Image Wizard Ltd) for providing me with info presented here.

© Copyright 1998 Thorsten Loesch

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