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Milano Hi-End 2005 - 6th Edition - Milan - Italy

[Italian version]

If your heart beats LOUD for 2-channel HiFi systems you can't miss the one and only solely-Audio (not Video nor HT!) HiFi Show in Italy! The Milano Hi-End organizers are proud to announce the 6th edition of this HiFi-Only Show.

Everything will happen - as usual - near Milan (Assago - Milanofiori, Strada 1 - Milanofiori, tangenziale Ovest, exit: Milanofiori) the 19th and the 20th of February 2005 at the Centro Congressi Milanofiori - Jolly Hotel. Opening hours: from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, free entrance, Vintage HiFi expo, live Music shows and many, many Italian HiFi products. Here's a list of HiFi brands which will be demo'ed at the Show.
Among other interesting events let us cite a direct comparison DVD-Audio VS SACD, organized by the Italian audiophile label Velut Luna. Both the SACD and the DVD-Audio have been created from the very same master, converted into native DSD for the SACD disc and 24/192 PCM for the DVD-Audio disc. This way, comparing the pros and cons of both formats will be really straightforward.
A new selection of hi-quality vinyl pressing will be available, too.
Another Italian audiophile label, Foné, will be demo'ing its brand new hi-quality 45 rpm vinyl pressings as well.

Furthermore some Live Music is scheduled. More precisely, two jazz concerts: the MIDEANDO String Quartet (under Velut Luna supervision) on Saturday 19 and Mario Zara Trio on Sunday 20.
Also scheduled is a jazz-gospel concert: Cristiano Heredia (Hammond organ) and Barbara Sommovigo Casale (vocalist).

As an established tradition, the organizers have paid attention to the quality of the sound into the rooms, using acoustic corrections so to get the best results out of any HiFi system. Also, thanks to the fact no Home Theater rooms will be allowed, your listening tests won't be disturbed by dinosaurs or Tom Cruise's walking near you.
The leading Italian HiFi magazines will attend too and also TNT-Audio will hopefully be there, so to tell you what's going on in Italy.

For more infos don't hesitate to contact the organizers: Stefano Zaini of The Sound of the Valve - Tel. - Fax. ++39 0382 - 71428, mobile: 338 - 2584737 - E-mail: soundvalve-lowther@libero.it - Official Show web site: www.thesoundofthevalve.it

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