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SoundVision HiFi and Video Show - Vienna - Austria

[Italian version]

[Sound and Vision 2000]

It's all happening between the 24 and 26 of March in Vienna, the capital of good old Austria: the high-tech of today and tomorrow will land there.
Plenty of Audio-Gear (and Video) will be there to ogle about. What, who, where? Tell me more!

Sound & Vision 2000 is known for showcasing hundreds of the most exciting cutting-edge products that impact our lives ... at home, at work, and at play!
It's a good opportunity to network and reach the audiences important to lifestyle enjoyment. As for products, the Exhibit Halls will feature the biggest names in the industry, showcasing the best from the world of electronic entertainment. It's the premiere event in Austria to see what's new and what's next!
This includes dynamic products and technologies:
  1. Audio products: Super Audio CDs; CD-Players, High-end speakers; Digital Surround Sound Systems (Dolby, AC-3, DTS); Mid-range audio products; High-End Stereo Hardware, DVD as an audio, video and computer hardware
  2. The latest in Vision Products: DTV, Plasma screens; Video Projectors/Large-screen TVs
  3. Digital Imaging, Digital Photography, Digital Video cameras, cards and other products
  4. Mobile Office; Mobile Electronics
  5. Computer Hardware and peripherals
  6. Interactive Entertainment products and software, including Web-TV; videogame consoles and games
  7. Software: DVDs, DADs, LDs, CDs, Vinyl Records
  8. Gadgets and gizmos
CONFERENCE PROGRAM: The program of workshops and lifestyle seminars are focused on keeping you up-to-date about the world of multimedia and interactive entertainment. The sessions are designed to help you keep ahead of the curve!
Learn about what products are here and what technology trends are on the horizon. What will the world of sound and vision look like in the new millennium!
This Expo delivers consumers/customers and various distribution channels. And to make sure you meet the most influential professionals, Sound & Vision has introduced a special VIP program to incent these important people to attend (and no, I'm afraid nobody from TNT-Audio will attend...).
And to increase product visibility and credibility, there are also the Inno-Awards, where members of the press judge the most exciting products of the year.

People: Barbara Rosenberg and Michaela Flich
Address: R&F Inc. Pilgramgasse 1/8/4 A-1050 Vienna, Austria
Phone: +43-1-369-5367 and +43-1-547-1961
Fax: +43-1-545-2224 or +43-1-369-5367
Mobile: +43-676-407-2947 or +43-676- 3471961
E-Mail: office@soundvision.co.at
Website: www.soundvision.co.at

A HUGE thank you to Barbara Rosenberg for inviting us at the Sound & Vision 2000!

© Copyright 2000 Lucio Cadeddu

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