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T.H.E. Show '99 - Las Vegas - USA

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The Home Entertainment Show (T.H.E. SHOW) will hold its first annual trade show in Las Vegas January 7th through 10th, 1999 concurrent with CES. T.H.E. SHOW is located right next door to the Alexis Park Hotel (site of the High End audio portion of the Consumer Electronics Show) about a 60 second walk away!

Dealers, distributors and press will enjoy this close proximity as well as the ability to visit more manufacturers in less time due to indoor hallways, higher exhibit density and the ability to locate manufacturers with ease. Exhibitors will save from $2,000 to $15,000 over comparable space at CES, and there are no extra *split fees*. And because itís just one continuous hallway, every attendee must walk past your door!

Here is just a small sample of the more than 80 companies who have chosen T.H.E. SHOW over CES: Spectral, Hales, CAT, Classe, Klyne, Altis, Egglestonworks, Atma-Sphere, Audio Physic, Plinius, Bel Canto, Rega, Sound Lab, Exposure, Copland, Wisdom Audio, ESP, Musical Design, RPM, Purist Audio Design, Wilson Benesch, Final Electrostatic, Galante, Silicon Arts Design, Immedia, etc....

If you are interested in more information on exhibit space contact Mike Maloney at (310) 641-5443 or Todd Brown at (714) 996-4889.
In addition, T.H.E. SHOW has secured a block of 150 sleeping rooms at a major luxury hotel within easy walking distance at a rate of $40 per night less than if you were to book yourself. You can contact the organizers also by e-mail at: equulust@mediaone.net

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