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Top Audio Video '98 - Milan - Italy

[Italian version]

The Top Audio is the most important and popular HiFi and Hi-end Show in Italy. This is the 11st edition.
The organizers (APAF Association for HiFi promoting) have decided to change the name of Show accordingly to the quickly growing part of the event dedicated to the AudioVideo and Home Theater technologies and products. So the old Top Audio has now become Top AudioVideo.
There's no need to say that this is a not-to-miss event, being the largest and more visited HiFi Fair in Italy you should expect to see everything important here, especially for the Made in Italy stuff.
For example, there will be the presentation of the new reference loudspeaker from Sonus Faber, the Amati Homage (following the Guarneri Homage).
Also, it will be possible to test listen to the definitive version of the first CD-player from Audio Analogue. You can't go wrong: if something new is coming out from the Italian HiFi manufacturers it'll be at the Top AudioVideo.
Not to mention all the breaking news from European (and worldwide) HiFi firms...a big event, to cut a long story short.

Here are some useful infos: the Show takes place from the 1st to the 5th of October (slightly later than usual).
Entrance is, as usual, free, you just need to pick a ticket at the hall of the Hotel Quark (Centro Congressi - Via Lampedusa) in Milan.
A wide parking lot is available near the Hotel. The Show is open from 9 am till 19 pm.
TNT-Audio will be there just "unofficially" in the sense that we won't have a booth like the last year but we will be available (with a TNT badge on our jackets) either Saturday and Sunday.
See you there. A coverage of the Show will soon appear on this section.

© Copyright 1998 Lucio Cadeddu

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