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Total Hits (excluding search engines) 2,367,714
Page views 638,468
Total GB Transferred 51,7 GB
Most Popular Day 101,139 hits on 01/04/2018
Distinct Internet addresses (Unique IPs) 375,995


The web site received 519,106 visits in January. Visitors came from 375,995 distinct Internet addresses.

Thanks to our web statistics software we are able to have an idea of the real number of distinct visitors of the website: over 375,000 different users browsed our website in January! This number doesn't tell the whole story, though, as behind 1 Internet address sometimes there is more than 1 reader (friends who print our pages for other audiophiles etc.) or, conversely, the same user could use different IPs. So this is just a gross estimate.

These access statistics charts don't take into account all the accesses generated by our Web Communities (on Yahoo Groups servers), where thousands of subscribers worldwide send and read hundreds of messages everyday. There's an active international Web Community (TNT-Audio Addicts), an Italian Community plus 10 regional Communities. We also have a popular Facebook page with more than 5,500 likes.

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