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Music to know your hi-fi by

If it moves you...

Nick Whetstone's choice

[Italian version]

Reading through the musical preferences of the other reviewers here on TNT, I note that they generally fall into one of two camps! That is, some are in the objective camp, they listen for timing, soundstage, bass quality and speed, detail etc. The other camp are the 'subjectives' and are listening to hear if the music is replayed in such a way that it brings enjoyment.

I align myself with the second camp although it's fair to say that I am also listening for the qualities sought out by those in the objective camp, when I am testing new hi-fi or have made modifications. I'm not saying that I do not evaluate a hi-fi or listen to the various aspects but the first question I ask is 'am I enjoying what I'm listening to?'

I like to listen particularly to the sound of the piano, saxaphone and percussion. If they are replayed accurately, the chances are the rest is good as well!

So here is a list of my favourite albums. I have thrown in a few obscure items but only because they are really worth seeking out!



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