Wilko Johnson Dies

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Author: Mark Wheeler - TNT UK
Published: December, 2022

Is this the death of the seventies?

The death was announced today of Wilko Johnson.

Your Old Scribe has seen Wilko Johnson perform in venues as diverse as the sweaty back room of a small pub to bucolic woodland surroundings at a small festival, as well as Students' Unions and larger festival main stages. Your Old Scribe never witnessed Wilko Johnson put in less than 100% effort even when putting in a guest appearance with Norman Watt-Roy, during the period that Wilko was undergoing cancer treatment.

Here Wilko Johnson describes his unique guitar playing style:

It feels like an important icon of seventies culture has died. Together with the rest of Dr Feelgood, Wilko Johnson developed a style of Pub Rock that was a key influence on the Punk generation. When John Lennon died, it seemed like to your Old Scribe that it closed the chapter of the 60', because John Lennon &amo; The Beatles seemed to be the archetypal 60's innovators and performers. Wilko Johnson' innovative approach to playing and performing with Dr Feelgood, with their no nonsense image, any provincial high street looks and high energy performances, epitomised the 70's. Wilko continued performing with his own band until he recently found himself back in the limelight via Game of Thrones.

The joyful feel of the best Wilko Johnson performances always felt on the brink of collapse. Wilko Johnson was the Decca London of guitarists, the best on the planet of what he does well with no desire to do anything else. Wilko Johnson also had a most un-star like lifestyle, remaining modest and generous by all accounts.

“A truly sad moment in the history of music, we shall not see the like” lament Plebs Chorus, stage left

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