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Factory: Fosi Audio - Shenzhen, China
Reporter: Cora Chou - TNT China
Report: November, 2023

Fosi Audio is a rather young Chinese brand, founded in January 2017 by (Youlong) Ryan Huang in Longgang District, Shenzhen. The mother company is Shenzhen Foresight Technology Co., Ltd (unified social credit number: 91440300MA5DT7DQ0G).

Initially Fosi Audio was dedicated to research, design, production, and sales of DIY audio products. The team is made up of a group of audiophiles, and produces most home audio DIY products. In China, Fosi products are very popular in the community of DIY audio, and they have a solid fan base.

Over the years, Fosi started designing and releasing complete HiFi components, such as integrated amplifiers, DACs, preamplifiers, headphone amplifiers, speakers, cables and accessories. These products benefit from manufacturer-direct, free lifetime technical support, and 24-month manufacturer's warranty. Fosi sells its products directly from its website, and its stores on Amazon or AliExpress.

Unlike that of other ChiFi companies, Fosi's web presence is quite active and widespread, as the company also maintains a lively YouTube Channel and a Facebook Page. Moreover, it can be contacted via a Whatsapp line at +86 17722625601, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram (see links on its webpage).

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Here at TNT-Audio we have already reviewed two products from Fosi Audio, its new V3 integrated amplifier and its DA2120D amp with DAC. Soon we'll review Fosi's new P3 tube preamplifier.

We were curious to know more about this company, so we asked our correspondent from China, Cora Chou, to pay a visit to the Fosi Audio headquarters.

The company has fewer than 50 employees who work in two locations. We visited just the administrative headquarters and took some pictures, which reveal there are products which have not hit the market yet, such as some cool looking and interesting loudspeakers (we'll keep you updated on these eventually). The guys at Fosi are extremely active and are planning to design many new products at a steady rate, which seems to be a standard practice among Chinese factories.

Fosi also has a quick-testing listening/pics shooting room, where new products are evaluated in a simulated “home” environment. That the loudspeakers in the evaluation/listening room are Dynaudio EMIT 20 means the guys at Fosi Audio are passionate audiophiles!

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[Fosi Audio]

We were not allowed to visit the production line, which is in a separate facility, but this photo offers a quick glance at it.

[Fosi Audio]

Here are some crowded shelves at Fosi Audio. Its catalogue is actually impressive, with a huge number of different amplifiers and preamplifiers. We’ve found understanding the need for such a broad array of products to be rather difficult; sometimes the differences are elusive, to say the least!

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Among other types of loudspeakers, these caught our attention. Will these be released sooner or later? At the moment the Fosi Audio store displays just a single pair of rather conventional bookshelf loudspeakers, the model DK560-N, a passive two-way standmount which sells for around $500.

[Fosi Audio]

Concluding our tour of the Fosi factory, we see that Fosi apparently also plans to release a new line of products, under a different brand, which should be oriented to the pro/DJ market. For example, below is a kind of mic/line amplifier, with mic inputs and an integrated file player.

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