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Antistatic spray Pronto Mobili Antipolvere

Electrostatic charges defeat!

[Italian version]

Product: Antistatic furniture spray cleaner: Pronto Mobili Antipolvere
Manufacturer: Johnson Wax (or anything equivalent) - Worldwide
Approx. price: 3 US$/ 3 Euro (300 ml spray bottle)
Availability: everywhere

[Pronto Mobili]
...and you were thinking to have already seen EVERY strange THING here on TNT-Audio...you were dead wrong! We have still many surprises for you, fellow audiophiles and die-hard tweakers!
Probably you have already read about the Spray for furniture cleaning used as an almost-permanent CD surface treatment (like the Shinpy Claro, the Audioquest Laserguide etc...). That spray more or less "smooths" the CD surface making the laser lens work with less troubles. Hence now you're ready for something different.
You may have read something about the Nordost Eco 3 fluid and the CD Statmat by Ringmat. You may also be aware of some idea behind our TNT Digital Cork mat.
Well, these accessories work following the same obvious principle: any electrostatic charge on HiFi equipment may affect the quality of the sound, for example interfering with delicate electronic circuits.
This happens, for example, when electrostatically charged CD's rotate at high speed inside the CD player drawer. And you may know that a CD is -always- electrostatically charged (it is sufficient to clean it with a soft cloth and presto! it gets charged).
So the idea is by no means original and new. The question is: are you really willing to spend lotsa hard-earned cash in a small bottle of magic fluid...without trying something cheaper first?

So here it is: a perfectly antistatic cleaning spray which works flawlessly :-)
Ask your wife/mother/relevant S.O./colf about it: it is a spray for furniture cleaning which includes a special ingredient able to cancel ANY electrostatic charge on the surface of the treated object: the result is a perfectly clean surface which remains really DUST-PROOF for days (the antistatic property...).
Reviewed here you find such a spray, one which is easily available in Italy, made by Johnson Wax, but I'm sure you can find the perfect equivalent in your Country.

How and Where should I use it?

If you're trembling at the idea of putting such a strange NON-Audiophile stuff over the surface of your precious CD's...tremble no more: the product should be sprayed over the LABEL side of the CD! This is sufficient to CANCEL any electrostatic charge build-up.
In order to avoid the product going to contaminate other surfaces (or the floor) you just need to spray it oven a soft cloth and THEN wipe the CD label surface.
As a result, your CD's will be clean and polished like they were new. Do the same to PVC-jacketed cables, metallic or plexyglass cabinets and turntables top covers.
Do not use it on turntable mats or LP's.

Does it work?

You can count on it! Of course, as usual, TRUST no one except you own ears...so TRY it.
When the CD's become "treated" and electrostatically de-charged the sound becomes airy and slightly more detailed: tiny sound effects in the highs become easily detectable and the soundstage becomes slightly brighter and better focused. No positive (nor negative) effect in the bass. A tiny increase of microdynamics in the highs was audible, too.

The effect is more or less similar to the one you get from the Nordost Eco 3 fluid and I have to admit that sometimes the cheap spray gave even better results.
When used with cables and cabinets the effect was non-audible, let aside some placebo effect I'm quite used to detect...
On turntables it makes wonders...provided you do use the top cover...otherwise try spraying the product on the TT cabinet (protect the cartridge when doing this). Even better, use the sprayed soft cloth.


One serious complaint: if the product reaches the floor you should wash it away immediately since it creates a dangerously slippery surface...be careful! Anyway, this side effect is clearly explained on the detailed owner's manual, er, bottle label :-)
The price of this stuff is ridiculous when compared with HiFi specific snake-oil voodoo-science fluids, so nothing to complain about this aspect. Availability is excellent.
Ah, just one minor complaint: the strong Spring flowers scent it leaves on your HiFi (OK, I do like that!).


This kind of products has been designed to WORK...and pretty seriously, otherwise the market will refuse them (this doesn't apply in HiFi...). So, if they claim to cancel any electrostatic charge and dust build-up you can rest assured they will get the job done professionally.
A side effect on CD's is a slight improvement of the sound, especially in the high range and in the detail department.
Before trying anything else, give this cheap tweak a try. If you won't be able to hear any improvement at all (possible, if your HiFi set up isn't transparent enough) you or your wife/mother/relevant S.O. may use it to clean the whole furniture at home :-)
Hey, if they start thinking you're crazy...tell'em it is a TNT-Audio advice!

© Copyright 1999 Lucio Cadeddu - https://www.tnt-audio.com

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