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February 2004 Editorial

Good and bad news

Author: Lucio Cadeddu
Published: March, 2004

As announced in last month's editorial some changes are taking place into the TNT-Audio editorial board. After 7 years of precious, continuous support and cooperation our Stefano Monteferri is leaving our mag. No, he hasn't lost interest in HiFi, he's simply received an offer he couldn't refuse (or maybe not?) :-)
He is going to write for the Italian print magazine Suono, one of the leading HiFi mags here (certainly the oldest one still in the business).
Of course this a big loss for all of us but we shouldn't forget everyone must follow his own interests and aspirations. So we'd like to thank Stefano for these 7 years of unvaluable cooperation with TNT-Audio.
He has been, before than a precious and fine reviewer, a friend (and he still IS!) so while we're not happy to see him go we'd like to wish good luck for this new exciting experience.
Of course his e-mail account at TNT-Audio will remain active so to let him answer to your e-mail questions as he always did.

In the meanwhile, new writers are coming aboard, for example Mark Wheeler from the UK, a genuine DIYer and audio fan extraordinaire. After his article on wood cabinets for HiFi he will be working on a comparative test for several isolation devices, tested one against the other, plus some review of quite interesting gear.
Moreover, you're about to read new articles and tests from another new writer, Mattia Bellinzona, an Italian audiophile who lives and works in Germany. Incidentally (not?) these two new writers are vinyl nuts too, as most of the TNT-Audio crowd. Expect more and more analogue gear reviews in the near future!
For example, I'm currently testing the new phono preamp from...hear hear! Audio Analogue, the Italian brand famous for the integrated amplifiers Puccini and Maestro and CD players Paganini and Maestro, again. Their brand new Aria phono preamp is here, burning in and ready to fight against the best phono preamps within its price range (650 € here in Italy, your mileage may vary).
In the meanwhile, Geoff is having some serious fun with the ultimate version of the famous hi-end tonearm TriPlanar!

Of course, we won't forget digital audio! Do you remember our "promised" (and ridiculously delayed) digital cables shootout test? We've not forgotten it! We're working on a set of (hear hear!) measures that should debunk some myths on digital cables sound and performance. We will use a quite original approach to try to relate the numerical results to our listening findings.
Moreover, we're about to publish an insane tweak for CD transport / DAC combos, based on SPDIF re-clocking.

And while everyone is raving about upcoming new (?) digital media (SACD, DVD-A... what's next?) we are working on a high-end CD players saga, following the highly appreciated turntable saga by Geoff Husband.
Of course, we won't forget affordable gear, so expect a review of the newer entry-level line (CD player + integrated amp) from Audio Analogue. No, they haven't dismissed the Puccini! This new gear is going to be something completely different. Upcoming also another affordable 300B integrated amplifier from a new kid on the block from Italy!

As usual, stay tuned!

© Copyright 2004 Lucio Cadeddu - www.tnt-audio.com

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