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TNT-Audio Editor's corner - March 2003

Free ideas for sale? (Lust 4 Money)

Author: Lucio Cadeddu

Funny things happen, dudes. One thinks to state things LOUD and CLEAR then there's always someone who seems to misunderstand. This is our 8th year (considering the Italian edition is 1 year older :-)) and, since day one, we have been offering FREE opinions and ideas to audio nuts worldwide. I mean, free and independent opinions on audio gear AND free DIY designs, also.
Still since day one we stated clearly a fact: our designs can be used for strict "personal and private" use and can't be copied or exploited for commercial reasons.
Despite of this, strange and weird things happen. First of all, our articles and reviews - from from time to time - have been downloaded and published elsewhere without permission. Even worse, we've also found a site (an Italian one I don't want to cite here) that re-published up to 50 articles of ours, deleted any reference to TNT-Audio and its respective Authors and then added a fancy "copyright" stating the texts were theirs. Funny, uh?
We kindly suggested the webmaster to state things clearly, otherwise a legal action was going to be taken in order to protect our intellectual property rights. It seems the warning worked and that webmaster cited and linked TNT-Audio as the real source of those texts.
If you think this was weird and illegal, think again. We have worse examples, indeed.

At the latest Milano Hi End Show (see reportage) we discovered a booth that had our TNT TTS DIY mains cable....FOR SALE!!!!
Not only the guy hadn't informed us about his cruel intentions ;-) ...he was actually SELLING that stuff at a national HiFi Show!
You can only imagine our BIG surprise.
For the casual visitor this was a very confusing situation: an online magazine that claims to be strictly no-profit that actually sells its DIY cables!
Of course, we have immediately contacted the guy and stated things LOUD and CLEAR, exactly like we've always done on our website.

Our hope is that things like this will NEVER happen again. For, we need a little help from our friends (you). Keep your eyes open and report us about ANY kind of misuse of the contents of this website, be it articles reprinted without permission, without a link back to us or DIY designs offered for sale. We have also found several DIY cables (originating from our own designs) or sale on E-bay or on different HiFi Classifieds sites. Remember that private use is allowed, commercial (ab)use is strictly prohibited ;-)

I hope everyone understands our concern here. We have worked (and are still working) hard to keep our public image as clean and distant from commercial interests as possible....we simply HATE to see how human beings can be corrupted by money.
Remember: our DIY design are and WILL EVER BE free for everyone to use and NOBODY will ever be authorized to sell products based on our projects.

Like Iggy Pop we have Lust for Life, not for Money.

© Copyright 2003 Lucio Cadeddu - https://www.tnt-audio.com

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