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TNT-Audio Editor's corner - May 2000

The TNT-Audio editorial board

Author: Lucio Cadeddu

Many of you, especially those who have joined our discussion forum, are already aware of some changes into our editorial board. More precisely, you may know Thorsten Loesch has left us.
Firstly, let me express my deepest and warmest gratitude for what he has done during the last years for our TNT-Audio magazine: excellent DIY cables projects (the FFRC being one of the most popular cables on the Internet), very fine reviews and Show reports and, last but not least, his invaluable help into the TNT discussion forum. Certainly we will be missing him and his help.
Secondly, let me try to explain the reasons, as far as I know, why he has left TNT-Audio.
First of all, the last article, before the recent Orchid review, Thorsten has sent us dates back to 1999, more or less 1 year ago, to be more precise. Then nothing, then the Orchid review. In the meanwhile I've discovered a couple of his reviews on the Steve Rochlin's Enjoy the Music HiFi mag. I've discovered these articles by pure chance, browsing the excellent Steve's magazine.
Needless to say that I didn't like this behaviour, to say the least. Anyway, it was still OK for me to have him writing for us.
Then, as it happens, I've had some discussion with him about his views on HiFi. According to my feeling (confirmed by several TNT-Audio readers) Thorsten's approach to HiFi was becoming more and more of the "guru" type, kinda of this is good, that is bad, period.
Now, if you know our approach to HiFi reviewing, you should be aware of the fact we simply HATE the "guru" approach. It has contributed to make hi-end a circus instead of an academia of high technology.
I've stated this clearly on the TNT-Audio international forum (hence publicly) and received some feedback by Thorsten on this topic (all the messages are readable in the archives of that mailing list, for those of you who care).
Then the topic has been discussed even into the Italian TNT-Audio forum and several readers have expressed their -unbiased- opinions on the topic. Thorsten Loesch, probably invited by some Italian member, has translated some of the messages and felt he was no longer appreciated as a TNT-Audio reviewer...hence his decision to quit.
Of course, you can ask him directly about his motivations and feelings, I've tried to report the facts as they happened at this end. And, obviously enough, this space is OPEN for him to express his motivations, if he wants to.

Anyway, this is how life goes: someone leaves, someone else arrives and life goes on. It is sad to see a friend going away/quitting but I/we prefer to say things as they are, as harsh as they can be, so that TNT-Audio can still represent what it has always been: an independent voice into the HiFi community, not just "another" HiFi magazine.
And yes, perhaps this straightforward and utterly transparent approach will cause us troubles (and it did!!!), but it is the only way we know to keep this mag alive (and kicking ;-) ).

Before you ask: the E-mail address thorsten@tnt-audio.com will always be up and working, for your questions to Thorsten about his cables and/or reviews.

I wish good luck to Thorsten and I heartly thank him again for his precious support and help to TNT-Audio.

Copyright 2000 Lucio Cadeddu - https://www.tnt-audio.com

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