October 2019 editorial

Deezer HiFi quality streaming now available also on mobile phones

[Deezer audiophile]

Author: Lucio Cadeddu - TNT Italy
Published: November, 2019

In July 2018 we published an article announcing the launch of a Deezer lossless service for we die-hard audiophiles. Until then, only MP3 compressed streaming was available. More precisely, 128 kB/s quality for the ad-supported free plan and 320 kB/s for the premium ad-free plan. Slightly more than one year later the guys at Deezer have decided to open the lossless accessibility to mobile phones as well, and not only.

Until now, Deezer customers could only access the HiFi plan on a Deezer-compatible speaker or using the company's desktop app. Now this is no longer needed, as you can use Deezer HiFi both on Android, iOS, xBox and Web Player. Deezer HiFi is compatible with most Chromecast units produced after 2015 as well.

In order to exploit the benefits of the HiFi lossless account you need an adequate broadband internet connection. Deezer HiFi , in order to stream FLAC files, needs a minimum broadband speed of 5 Mbps. If your connection speed is higher, you can play more than one FLAC stream:

Deezer HiFi can also be tried for a free period of 30 days, then it costs 19.99$/month or 19.99UKP/month. If you're using Google Assistant on Google speakers, you can enjoy the lossless plan from the following list of Countries only: It seems all streaming services are taking audio quality into serious account nowadays. Clearly, this proves there's a growing need for lossless audio quality, despite the fact it seemed - in the days MP3's seemed all the rage - we were all doomed to listen to low quality music and we had to rely on CDs and LPs to enjoy some decent audiophile-standard music. There's hope!

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