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Readers' Corner - April 2001

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Digital glare
I was very happy to find your site about audiophile tweaks. I have tried silicone oil instead of Claro oil just because I don't know the manufacturer's address. I am still in quest of the best tweak to get the real sound of what is actually recorded on an audio cd.
I am referring to the cones placed under the cd player or stuff of that kind. Orthopedic corn stones (our TNT StoneBlocks) lighten and deflate sounds colors in an audible way.
Most of these devices colour the sound in a different way so that it can be said that the sound is still bad but in a different way (a different way of being untrue to the original on the master tape).
Thank you for your site.
Daniel Andre - E-mail: daniel.andre3@freesbee.fr

Dear Daniel,
I have a short answer. Don't you like the sound of your CDs? Buy analogue stuff :-))))
Seriously, you may try all the tweaks we suggest (there are soooo many of those!!!!) then, eventually, buy a better CD player :-)))))))))))
Lucio Cadeddu

Your site
since I have found your site I have been back many, many, many times. Just a short note to say thank you for your efforts. I've tried some of the tweaks and DIY cables and have been amazed at the results.
Best wishes and good luck.
John - E-mail: Gmbs305@cs.com

Dear John,
thanks for the appreciation, we all need it.
Lucio Cadeddu

Dear Sir,
I am writing you from Zagreb, Croatia and I would like to ask you for help in the amp dilemma. I would like to buy a hybrid amplifier and I cannot decide between Pathos Classic One and Anthem Integrated 2....
My system consist of:

I would like to point out that majority of my CD collection are jazz recordings, but I like other music (rock, ethno) too.
Thank you for your advice and best regards,
Mario Cvitkovic - E-mail: m.cvitkovic@vip.hr

Dear Mario,
the amps you cited are quite different one from the other. More tube-oriented the Anthem, a bit on the "solid state" side the Pathos. Don't you have any chance to listen to them with YOUR system (or speakers, at least!)? It is hard for me to GUESS which kind of sound you prefer, so a personal test is needed, here.
Lucio Cadeddu

Another upgrade?
Dear Lucio
Greetings from Macau. Following your suggestion, I upgraded my speakers. My Platinum Audio Solo (with stands) are lovely to listen to and to look at.
This upgrade was followed by a number of subsequent ones being: Straightwire Silver Surfer internal bi-wired speaker cables DH Labs BL-1 Series II interconnects, YBA Diamond power cord (API Power Pack IIp to NAD S-300, Osonic (a Japanese make) cable from wall socket to Power Pack), Perpetual Technologies P-3A DAC (on Osonic steel cones)

I pretty contented the sound (so much more accurate and subtle than before) but I am considering further upgrades:

  1. changing my Marantz CD6000OSE to either a dedicated CD transport or get the solid Sony XA-7ES which is still available in Hong Kong although it is not longer being manufactured,
  2. getting the PT P-1A with the Monolithic P3 Power Supply,
  3. getting an audio rack i.e. Finite Elemente Spider.
Which of the 2 would you recommend I go for first in order to get the biggest impact?
Thanks for the superb website.
Alfred Ogle - E-mail: aogle@ift.edu.mo

Dear Alfred,
I'd choose 2) and 3). I mean: take the PT P-1A AND build something like our FleXy rack. It is cheap and pretty darn good.
If you still have some money left, buy new CDs!!!!!!!
Let me know,
Lucio Cadeddu

Yamaha turntable
Dear Lucio,
about 4 years ago I purchased a secondhand Yamaha YP-D71 QUARTZ LOCKED turntable and have been using it ever since. It is very heavy and plays beautiful music. I have tried to research this item on the net, but can nothing! Nothing! Is it rare? Do you know anything about it? Do you want a picture of it?
I LOVE your site and direct all my friends to it. Keep up the good work.
Matt Kaarma - E-mail: matkaar@syd.comcen.com.au

Dear Matt,
I've been a happy owner of a Yamaha YP-D3 turntable during my early days as an audiophile. These was a heavyweight, sturdy, direct drive turntable (like yours), one of the first direct drive TTs ever made. Yours is a bit more recent (since it already uses a Quartz lock) so I wouldn't say it is rare.
If it works well, keep using it! Anyway, a modern belt driven turntable sounds better (when I changed the Yamaha with a Linn the difference was astonishing :-)).

Finally, let me thank you for suggesting our site to your friends. Since we can't pay advertising on magazines, this is the only way we have to make our site known to the audiophile community....so help us to spread the word!!! (it works, have a look at our monthly access statistics :-)).
Lucio Cadeddu

Ensemble PA-1 Silver Speaker
Dear Lucio,
Thank you for you great WEB Site and I need your help. I own a pair of Ensemble PA-1 Silver speaker and need to contact them for a new driver. Please help me find their contact or the nearest retailer in South East Asia.
The only site that has them is http://www.savantaudio.com but it does not provide any manufacturer's detail. Hope some of your readers would be able to help.
Here is the detail of the speaker.
Manufacturer :- PAWEL ACOUSTIC of Switzerland. Model :- Ensemble PA-1 Silver.
Thank you for your help.
Best regards,
HC Moey - E-mail: moeyhc@tm.net.my

Dear reader,
I do know the speakers (pretty good stuff, actually) but I don't have any contact with the Company. Hope someone in the know will lend a hand.
Lucio Cadeddu

Opera Terza with the Puccini SE
Signor Cadeddu,
My name is Richard LaRocca and I am an audiophile from the U.S. who has taken a strong interest in your company's reviews.
I first want to thank you and your fellow colleagues for a straight forward, honest review. I have been doing a lot of research in hopes of upgrading my system.

After reading your reviews I have to say that you have enlightened me to the better Italian audio companies. The question I pose to you is this: have you had the opportunity to match the Terza with the Puccini SE? My listening habits are one of classic Rock mostly with some classical mixed in. I am curious to hear your comments on how these products perform based upon my musical taste.

I have also told my father, a graduate of the University of Naples with an engineering masters from there, of the new found presence of Italian audio companies. He is eager to come with me to listen to these products as well.

Thank you for your time.
Very truly yours,
Richard LaRocca - E-mail: KSL822@erols.com

Dear Richard,
if you're looking for a smooth, warm and powerful sound, perhaps the new Puccini SE with the Opera Terza is the pair to choose. You may also want to try to listen to the new Opera series, the Pavarotti's (standard and Super). These are smaller than the Terza's and equipped with good quality drivers.

Ah, just a quick remark: by NO means we are a "company". Rather a crew of crazy audiophiles.
Lucio Cadeddu

Re: CD oils hype
Love your website and always look forward with anticipation for weekly updates.
I, too, have used Auric Illuminator and have been astonished by the effect they have on CDs. Indeed, it's probably the biggest bargain in the audiophile community.
I'm not an engineer, I'm electronically challenged but you don't need a "golden ear" to notice the improvement. The improvement is not subtle.
Just my $00.02 regarding this product.
Again, thanks for a great website. It's a real public service.
Phil - E-mail: Philkavi@aol.com

ditto! It is exactly what I'm trying to explain: the improvement is not subtle :-)
Thanks for the feedback!
Lucio Cadeddu

Silver Speaker Cable
I have just read your excellent article on the Voodoo Silver speaker cable.
I have been to Myron Toback and got some silver wire (o.6mm) and want to make a set of bi-wire speaker cables (2.5M). You suggested that in bi-wiring the Voodoo cables each pair should be twisted around each other. If you were making them from scratch, as I intend to, would you braid all four conductors or would you twist and then twist again?

I am an enthusiastic reader of your columns which have transformed my appreciation hi-fi. Inspired by this I have made a set of U-BYTE II speaker cables which work very well and have made a number of my own pseudo balanced symmetrical solid silver i/c's.
Congratulations on your excellent magazine.
Kind regards
Oliver Ross - E-mail: OliverRoss@theodoregoddard.co.uk

Dear Oliver,
I'd twist positive and negative of each cable and then I'd twist the two pairs together. Anyway, while you're there, you can experiment other braiding techniques (such as in our Triple T speaker cable) and then give us your feedback.
Lucio Cadeddu

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