April 2021 editorial

New FLAC-based Deezer HiFi channel

[Deezer launches new HiFi channel!]

Author: Lucio Cadeddu - TNT Italy
Published: April, 2021

We have already cited (here and here) Deezer streaming platform as one of the most HiFi-oriented services now available. As several other services, Deezer offers high-quality lossless FLAC tracks for HiFi enthusiasts via their Deezer HiFi subscription plan. Evidently, that wasn't enough, as the guys at Deezer think the audiophile crowd deserves something more! For this reason they have created a channel entirely devoted to audiophiles, the HiFi Room. What's that? Don't we already have FLAC streaming? Yes, but the channel offers hand-picked high quality tracks, divided into musical genres, so that discovering audiophile-grade tracks is way easier.

The HiFi Room channel is visible to HiFi subscribers only. Non-subscribers can hear 30-second clips and get a sense of the sonic quality. There's also a three-month free trial. Into the HiFi Room you can find carefully selected HiFi playlists at the top of the Music section of your Deezer app or on the Music section of your Deezer desktop app. Alternatively, you can go directly on deezer.com (the link points directly to the HiFi Room). This way you can easily build what they call a “perfect audiophile music collection”: a series of sub-channels lead to top albums of the decades or to reissues of iconic albums remastered for HiFi.

Alexander Holland, Chief Content and Strategy Officer at Deezer, said: “We are well aware that audiophiles love to be more immersed in their favorite music, which is why we gathered more than 500 of the best HiFi albums for our listeners on the platform, and now it's easier than ever to enjoy your favorite list, the way you like to hear the music.”

The channel features exclusive playlists, weekly updated recommendations and a number of full albums and remasters in HiFi. More precisely, there are 15 exclusive HiFi Experience playlists that cover a wide range of musical genres, from rock to pop, to classical and even rap (with 40 selected tracks!).

With the spread of low-quality compressed music we audiophiles seemed to be doomed to an end but, thanks to the ever-growing broadband hi-speed internet services, it seems our niche market is continuously expanding as well. Good news for all of us!

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